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News & Events

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International Symposium on New Directions of Urban-Rural Development in China

Date:  6 June 2024 (Thursday)

Venue: Z205, PolyU

Extended urbanization in China has brought new dynamics of development to the urban, peri-urban and rural areas of the country. The evolving political economy of both China and the world has presented numerous challenges for the future growth of Chinese cities, towns, and villages. To meet these challenges and ensure sustainable, inclusive, and integrated development of all regions in China, it is imperative to conduct extensive and rigorous research into new development strategies, innovative approaches and solutions. 

 This international research symposium focuses on the theoretical discourses and academic debates on the latest Chinese development experiences with a view towards generating new insights and perspectives on urban-rural development in the future. By comparing theoretical and empirical studies of China with international examples, the symposium aims to advance existing planning and governance theories that are primarily based on Western urban experiences.

 In addition to theoretical advancements, this symposium will also provide practical insights into various development planning and policy issues. These include sustainable urban-rural governance, reforms in rural property rights to promote social equity, participatory community planning for capacity building, and countryside conservation. These issues are not only significant for China but also for other regions and countries currently undergoing urban transitions.

 The symposium will feature addresses by four distinguished keynote speakers and three plenary sessions.

Keynote speakers (in order of appearance):

Prof. WU Weiping | Columbia University
China Urbanizing in Global Context: Impacts and Transitions

(See speaker's bio and abstract)

Prof. TIAN Li | Tsinghua University
A Path to Rural Revitalization: An Analytical Framework of Two-tier Property Rights Gap of Collective Land Development Rights in China

(See speaker's bio and abstract)

Prof. Hyun Bang SHIN | The London School of Economics and Political Science
Locating Temporality in China’s Urban Political Economy

(See speaker's bio and abstract)

Prof. LU Huilin | Peking University
Re-starting of the “Sunan Model”

(See speaker's bio and abstract)

Department of Building and Real Estate
Department of Applied Social Sciences
China and Global Development Network

Peking University – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University China Social Work Research Centre
China Innovative Urban-Rural Governance Research Network

Organising committee:
Prof. CHEN Juan | Professor, APSS, PolyU
Dr Karita KAN | Associate Professor, APSS, PolyU
Dr SUN Yi | Associate Professor, BRE, PolyU
Dr Ivy WONG Siu-wai | Associate Professor, BRE, PolyU
Dr WU Qiaobing | Associate Professor, APSS, PolyU
Dr Esther YUNG |  Associate Professor, BRE, PolyU
Dr ZHAN Yang | Assistant Professor, APSS, PolyU
Prof. TANG Bo-sin | Honorary Professor, DUPAD, HKU

Conference programme:

6 June 2024 A.M.
Opening Ceremony
Keynote Presentations
   1. Prof. WU Weiping, Columbia University
   2. Prof. TIAN Li, Tsinghua University
Plenary Session (1)

6 June 2024 P.M.
Plenary Session (2)
Plenary Session (3)
Keynote Presentations
   1. Prof. Hyun Bang SHIN, The London School of Economics and Political Science
   2. Prof. LU Huilin, Peking University

See the detailed rundown here.

Registration: https://forms.office.com/r/CtFt2iztEy

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