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News & Events

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“Solidarity Economy Symposium - Ecological Agriculture and Cooperation” Successfully Held In Zhoushan, Henan

Exploring the Development Path of Ecological Agriculture and Cooperative Economy in the Post-Pandemic Era, the “Solidarity Economy Symposium - Ecological Agriculture and Cooperation”

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s China and Global Development Network of the Department of Applied Social Sciences organized the "Solidarity Economy Symposium - Ecological Agriculture and Cooperation" together with the “The People's Food Sovereignty Forum”. The event took place from May 20th to 21st in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. It was hosted in the "House of Dreams" complex in Zhoushan Village, Daye Town, Dengfeng County. Over 60 participants, including individuals and teams from universities, cooperatives, social work service centers, and experienced ecological agriculture practitioners attended the seminar. They gathered to discuss on topics surrounding food security, ecological agriculture, and community solidarity.

The symposium included case reports and roundtable discussions. Participants shared their practical experience and analyzed the challenges they encountered or opportunities they recognized. Alongside the insightful presentations, the symposium also featured a roundtable discussion where participants exchanged ideas on the development of ecological agriculture and cooperative economy in the post-epidemic era.

Interactive Sessions and Cultural Exchange

As the symposium was held in Zhoushan Village, it featured several special sessions focusing on the local history and development of solidarity economy in the village lead by Ms Liang’s team. During “Zhoushan Handicraft Workshop” and “Evening Conversations with ‘House of Dreams’ Villagers' Construction Team”, participants interacted with Zhoushan’s villagers. Listening to the villagers’ personal testimonies facilitated deeper exchanges between the attendees, instilled a stronger sense of camaraderie among them, and reminded them of their common ideals in building a better society. The organizers also presented solidarity economy products as souvenirs the participants. These included handmade boxes from Zhoushan Village made from recycled materials, traditional black soap from Xinjiang, and millet from Xinglongwa Cooperative in Aohan.

Rural Revitalization and Development Research Base Plaque Unveiling Ceremony

On the morning of May 21st, Zhoushan Village held the plaque unveiling ceremony of "China and Global Development Network’s Rural Revitalization and Development Research Base, Department of Applied Social Sciences, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University" highlighting the importance of "House of Dreams" as a rural development research center.

A “Music Night” event took place in the evening of the last day. A member of the Inner Mongolia Cooperative sang the melodious Mongolian song "Mongolian," a Kazakh student from Xinjiang led everyone in dancing the "Kara Jarga" dance of her people, Zhoushan villagers also performed a “Niuyang” song. Several other participants also lead the crowd in singing songs from different parts of China. The meeting concluded amid laughter and cheers.

Strengthening Cooperation and Promoting Rural Revitalization

The success of this symposium not only advanced the development of ecological agriculture and cooperative economy. It also established new exchanges and cooperation across the country, contributing immensely to the promotion of rural revitalization.