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Open for Enrollment: Service Learning Course to Chiang Mai, Thailand (APSS2S11)
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China and Global Development Network continues its work in Chiang Mai, Thailand to support social development through partnership with both Chiang Mai University and Borderless Friendship Foundation. The latest collaboration will involve PolyU from different majors and Chiang Mai University students working together to serve villagers and school children in Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai and Pa Kia Village, Chiang Rai. See the following details!

Our students, with the help of interpreters from Chiang Mai University, will be serving the Lahu Hilltribes together with children from the Leadership Home at Chiang Dao and the Akha villagers together with the village elders of Pa Kia Village. Our Service Learning course requires no pre-requisites and opens to all PolyU students.

Two sites in Chiang Mai, Thailand

11-day service trip from 30 May to 09 June 2024 (Tentative), Lectures and workshops beforehand.

Cultural exchange with local students, Lahu and Akha hill tribe people; Learning about the needs and strengths of the locals and working out a project together with them for the benefit of everyone involved.

Our course does not assign a set program or plan for our students to implement. “Service” will be done in three main parts: 1. “Needs assessment,” where students will find out the needs of the community they serve on their own; 2. “Asset mapping,” where students must identify community assets and their own assets; and 3. “Co-creation,” where students combine their strength with their service targets’ to explore an answer to some of the community needs identified in the beginning. Students must expect to actively participate in the course from the very beginning to master the tools to come up with and execute their own service plan.

To serve and to learn - find out why by experiencing our course firsthand!


Why is the service trip date marked “tentative”? 

The service trip can only be made possible through our collaboration with three different parties, and they all have different schedules to follow. The current date is agreed between the staff and children at the Leadership Home at Chiang Dao, the village elders and residents of Chiang Rai Pa Kia Village, and the student and teachers of Chiang Mai University. If any issues cause any of these parties to become unavailable, the service trip date may have to be adjusted.

What should we expect to learn in this course?

Understanding poverty empathetically - You may have learned about poverty through videos and statistics on the news. This course will further allow you to interact with people in need, and draw connections between poverty and social, political, cultural, geographical, and historical factors through personal experience.

Groupwork and collaboration - You will learn to work with PolyU students from different majors, Thai university students, as well as Lahu- and Akha-speaking ethnic minority people. 

Culture appreciation - Your culture is not superior to your service targets’ and neither are theirs to yours. Learn to respect and appreciate them as equals. Discover their strengths and, in turn, display yours.

40 hours of volunteer service work - You will work with children and families, get to know them in person, and serve them in projects that can leave lasting positive impacts on their and your lives.